9 Tips to Grow Your Brand on Instagram

Instagram currently has over 600 million users from around the world and that is why it is quickly becoming an important place for businesses that are looking to become giant hits. The number of users on Instagram is growing every day and that has made it one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world. From those 600 million users almost half of the users visit the platform almost every day.

Instagram is being used by brands from all over the world to market their products. Even though this sounds very good, one problem that a lot of people run into is that they are unable to find the time to grow their business on Instagram. If you are worried about how you are going to make a significant impact on Instagram you have come to the right place. Here you will find some of the main tops that you need to know if you are thinking about growing your brand on Instagram.

Create the Posts on Your Desktop

Managing your social media platform has become much easier over the last few years and there are a lot of tools out there that you can use for this purpose. When it comes to Instagram, you are unable to make the posts directly from their web application, however, what you can do is use a lot of desktop tools to create the posts on your computer first.

By creating your Instagram posts on your desktop computer, you can save a lot of time. This is because editing photos and videos, on a computer can be easier and much more efficient. You can also use Instagram scheduling tools that will allow you to transfer your posts directly from your desktop to your mobile phone quite easily.

Get Consent and Repost

According to recent studies, we have learned that many people believe that user-generated content is more valuable than non-user generated content. The community is very active on Instagram and if you want to find the right user-generated content, this is the place to be. However, before you use the user-generated content, you should seek permission from the owner of the picture. Once you get the go-ahead from the original user, you can start editing.

The first thing that you need to do is take a screenshot for that content and crop everything apart from the image. Add your caption and then simply publish the content. Just like that, you will have new content for your brand.

Plan your Gallery Layout

You should make sure that you keep your overall social media strategy in mind when you are planning your posts because that will help out a lot. Instagram has not become a much more streamlined platform, this is because people and businesses only use Instagram to post the best photos they have related to a certain theme. Some of the main themes that are popular for Instagram are productivity and motivation, digital nomad lifestyle and user-generated content. There are a lot of tools that you can use with Instagram to plan your approach.

Treat Engagement and Content Creation Separately

According to a research by Sophie Leroy, it has been seen that when you switch attention from one task to another, the previous task leaves an “attention residue” which can really reduce your performance later on. Contrary to popular belief multitasking can actually be bad for our efficiency and it will take you longer to complete multiple tasks.

When it comes to Instagram, there are two main things that you need to do, one is engaging with your users and the other is creating or scheduling content. If notifications keep on popping up when you just want to publish a post, you will take longer to finish the task. This is the reason why you should use separate tools for scheduling so that you can easily concentrate on each task.

Create More Posts in One Sitting

If you really want to save your time with Instagram, you should learn more about batching. Batching is a highly popular technique when it comes to time management. With the help of this technique, you can increase concentration along with productivity. With this approach you will create more posts in one sitting, therefore you will have a post to publish on Instagram every day of the week.

You can take multiple photos in one go that you think you can use later on. You should also edit the images together. In this way, you will have completely edited huge load photos.

Don’t Forget to Engage

You should also make sure that you are responding to others on Instagram. To do this you should decide a certain time to answer the comments and engage with the community. If you rely on notifications to engage with others, you will find yourself communicating with others every now and again and that will be a waste of time.

You should make sure that you turn off the notifications from your account. You should allocate 30 minutes of your time every day to respond to comments and likes from your followers. If you want to respond to the comments more frequently, then you can allocate more time every day.

More Hashtags

Analysis has shown us that Instagram posts with nine hashtags bring the best results and get more interactions from the users. If you start to decrease the hashtags then the number of interactions will also decrease. Having said that, it will quite difficult to come up with nine new hashtags whenever you are posting a new picture on Instagram, this is the reason why you should maintain a separate file to keep track of all the hashtags that come to your mind.

Use the Same Filter

If you want to decrease the time you spend on editing the photos, one of the best ways to go is to make sure that you use the same filter for all of your images. You can even create a custom template that you can use every time you want to edit a photo.

Use the Same Posts on Other Platforms as Well

Lastly, you don’t want to create new posts every day. This is the reason why you should use the posts you use on other platforms on Instagram as well and this can go both ways. Creating new posts for different social media platforms will not only be time taking but it will be less efficient as well. This is why you should create posts that you can use on Instagram as well as on other social media platforms.

A Useful Bonus – Integrate Instagram with Your Online Store

If you’re running an online business, it will be a brilliant idea to integrate your Instagram posts into your website and showcase to visitors/customers your products a visual and stylish way. Through the Instagram photos/videos, your potential customers can browse through your products and they can even directly add products to shopping cart.

Sound lovely? If your website is running on the Shopify platform, let’s try out the Shopify Instagram apps to seamlessly display your Instagram feed to your visitors/customers!

How to Start Affiliate Marketing?

A lot of people today are looking for ways to maximize their income by starting a side project that adds to the main income. In some cases, people even choose to quit their permanent jobs just because the side business proves to be so much better. The internet has made lives a lot easier and it has provided a ton of ways to earn money online. However, one of the best and easiest methods of doing so is to start an affiliate marketing business. The beauty of affiliate marketing is that even if you have an existing business, it provides an efficient way to add another stream of income into your business.

Making money with affiliate marketing is not as easy as making money with ads on your website, but it is not too difficult either. It even has a higher profit potential than running ads on your website and this is what makes it a viable option. The main highlight of affiliate marketing is that it allows you to earn profits online even if you don’t have a website, blog or even products of your own. Just by following a few simple instructions you can get starting with your affiliate marketing program and start earning your first commissions. Affiliate marketing is nothing but easy money, and that is why it should be used by every business owner out there.

No matter what product you are trying to sell or which niche you want to target, the formula for affiliate marketing remains the same for the most part. The main target that you need to focus on is traffic generation and this is a task that can prove to be quite difficult if not done properly. If you don’t have any initial funds for traffic generation you can always rely on methods that get a little bit of traffic to your website for free. These methods include blogging and posting on social media sites. However, if you have money to invest you can go for paid advertisement methods which are much faster than free methods.

One skill that most online marketers need is writing advertising sales copies. However, when it comes to affiliate marketing this is not an issue because most of the vendors out there provide their own copies that you only need to post on your website or blog. They will even give you the emails that they want you to send. You need to get as much material from the vendor because the more material you have to post and send, the better the chances are of making sales. Up till now, affiliate marketing seems very simple, however, there are some important steps that you need to focus on to launch your own affiliate marketing business. So, let’s take a look at them now.

The Right Affiliate Network

You and the merchant you are working with should be compatible on most grounds, otherwise, it just won’t work. Finding the right affiliate can be difficult if you are not looking in the right places. One of the easiest was to begin is to look for an affiliate network. You can find a lot of affiliate networks on the internet and some of them even have ties with big companies such as Apple and Google. One of the best and oldest affiliate networks you can find is ClickBank. However, ClickBank only specializes in digital products such as software and e-books. If you have not thought about selling digital products then you should seriously consider it. This is because digital products offer higher commissions and they are also easier to sell. This is because with digital products there is no need for shipping, the customer gets access to the product as soon as they make the purchase.

Amazon is another network that you should consider for promoting products. Most of us only know Amazon as a marketplace for everything, however, it is so much more than that. Amazon largely deals in physical products, and however, you will get a lower commission on these products you will make a lot of sales. The thing is, people, trust Amazon and that is why they won’t think twice when purchasing a new product.

If you don’t want to be part of any network, you can create your own affiliate program with a PrestaShop affiliate module. This is a great way to get into affiliate marketing and even though it may have a lot of advantages, it also makes somethings difficult. For example, if you choose to ignore affiliate networks, it can become difficult for you to find the right affiliates. In this case, you will have to approach business personally and convince them to work with you.

Selecting the Affiliate Products

If you are going to start affiliate marketing, you need a product that will sell well and therefore you can’t just choose the first product that you see. You need to choose a niche that you think will make the most online and has a lot of vendors and buyers. You will find a ton of products that you choose however, in the beginning, it is advised that you start with only a couple of products. If those products perform well, you can start to introduce more products slowly and gradually.

Whatever you do, you should never forget to track the performance, tracking will allow you to understand which products are working better than others and this will encourage you to make necessary changes to your strategy. It is important to know which products your target audience is interested in and the only way to do that is through tracking.

Test the Product Before Promoting It

As an affiliate marketer, it is not necessary for you to purchase and test the products first. However, it is something that is recommended. If you have owned and used the product yourself you can give more honest reviews about it without misleading the audience. If you have personally used the product, the audience will also develop trust and this will certainly increase sales. Writing product reviews is something that you shouldn’t ignore, it is one of the best ways to increase credibility as a marketer.

If you have used the product yourself, you can think about sharing a personal experience with your audience. This has proven to be one of the best ways to boost sales. Once you start to earn a steady income with these products, you can choose to introduce higher-end products as well.

Use Social Media Marketing

Millions of people everyday use social media every day, this makes social media one of the fastest way to reach tons of people quickly. If you want the people to know about a certain product, you need to market it on social media. When millions of people see a particular advertisement, at least thousands will come back to try out that product. You can promote the product in a lot of ways on social media, you can go for posts, images, and even videos. If even one of these things gets viral, it will reach loads of people in matter minutes.


Affiliate marketing provides a great way to create a secondary income for your existing business. Making money on the internet is easy and affiliate marketing certainly shows for it. With affiliate marketing, all you have to do is recommend the right products to the right audience and the rest is history. If people like what you are promoting, they are certainly going to want to buy the product. On every purchase, you the affiliate can get a percentage of the profit. So, the more sales you create, the more profits you will get to enjoy, the formula is that simple. One thing that you should always do as an affiliate marketing, is to keep on learning new tips and tricks to build your business.

What’s the difference between Data Conversion and Data Migration?


The terms data migration and data conversion can be very confusing and often these two terms are used interchangeably. The normal people do not have any idea about the difference between the two.  In this short article, we will try to explain the major difference between data migration and data conversion. We have tried to use a language which is simple and have avoided complex terms so that people may understand the concepts with ease.

What is data migration?

In simple words, data migration in PrestaShop is transferring of data from a PrestaShop site (1.4, 1.5, 1.6 or lower version) to the PrestaShop last test version. The technique is utilized when

  • Acquiring new pipeline data
  • Switching from UPDM TO PODS data model
  • Updating the PODS model from 3.2 to 6.0
  • Upgrade PrestaShop 1.6 (or lower version) to 1.7 (the latest version)

What is data conversion?

In simple words, data conversion is the process of transforming of data from one particular format to another. The data is first of all extracted from a source, and then it is transformed and loaded into the system. The transformation is based on the requirement.  The data conversion is utilized when

  • The legacy data is stored in CAD files and paper files
  • Gathering important information from plant maps and survey notebooks
  • Converting job books such as FLC reports
  • Acquiring new pipeline data

Process Involvement

Now let’s see who is involved in both of these processes

GIS Technician

GIS technician analyzes the technical and spatial data. He develops databases and also manages the spatial data.

Upgrade PrestaShop 1.6 to 1.7 by use PrestaShop Migrator module.

The first, we must determine how to migrate data to PrestaShop latest version. Measures server parameters that meet the requirements of the migration process. Ensure that during the migration process, the PrestaShop site is functioning normally. You can set maintenance for your source PrestaShop site, the migrating process will take place in a matter of minutes or hours, depending on the data on your source site and server.

With Upgrade PrestaShop 1.6 to 1.7, you can choose many types of data to migrate. You can select the type of data you need to move, but I recommend that you select all data, which will ensure the results of the most accurate move.

Data Technician

The data technician loads, captures and coverts the pipeline data. The data technician also compares the converted data with the source documents.

The Conversion Process

The timing of this entire process depends on the size of the pipeline data that has been provided. The key steps of the conversion process are as follows

  • First of all the data is reviewed and it is identified where the data is coming from and it is checked what important information in inconsistent or missing.
  • The appropriate database where the data will be transferred is created. The data requirements are defined and it is ensured that the needed data is properly converted and translated.
  • The data which is to be transferred to the new database is reviewed and tested. Once the data has been validated it can be forwarded to the production stage.

The Migration Process

The process of migration is very long and It can take even months to complete. The migration process involves the following steps.

  • First of all, a general review of the database is made. Secondly, a review of the current implementation is also done
  • A thorough review of the data and tables in the database is done in order to search out unique columns and tables. A review is also done to highlight any inconsistencies in the data. It is important to track the tables within which the data lies in. Similarly, it needs to be identified where the data needs to be migrated (this is done by data mapping).
  • After the completion of the mapping, the migrated data is transported from the old database to the new database.

The Process Requires an Expert

Both data conversion and data migration require an expert. If you are not a professional in this field then it is recommended that you should not indulge in this process on your own, since too much is at stake. Similarly, PrestaShop users should also seek services of an expert in this regard. Doing the process on your own can be risky and can result in loss of important data.

Do not ingore these things if you want to replatform

Replatforming an E-commerce site is a big decision. It is never easy to upgrade or switch to an E-commerce platform which is new. Through this short discourse, we will make you understand what it really to takes to get your E-commerce website replatformed.

What to Replatform a website

It does not matter whether you adapt to it or not? The technology and retail keep on evolving. The improvements in the technology give the businessmen several new options. There is a high possibility that your previousE-commercee website is pretty slow and lacked features, perhaps this is the reason why your customers were not getting the right user experience. To keep yourself updated with the recent technological trends it is recommended that you should go for Replatforming.

The Migration Module

The best E-commerce platform available in the market is Prestashop and if you are someone who wants to migrate to the new version of the Prestashop then for this you should utilize the wonderful module of Prestashop Migrator. The other 2 effective modules which you can utilize are Upgrade Module and Woocommerce to Prestashop Migrator.

If you want to create a professional blog, you can’t dismiss WooCommerce. However, if you want to develop an E-commerce website, absolutely not to be missed PrestaShop.

The Fears

Merchants usually do not consider replatforming a good option primarily because they are worried about customers and traffic.  Many merchants are of the opinion that migration is a long process hence it is not practical to go for it. Yes, these fears are genuine, but replatforming is something which is unavoidable under many circumstances particularly if your sales and customer experience is getting compromised.

Replatforming Process

The fears pertaining to migration or replatforming are genuine however if you follow a particular strategy then these fears can be overcome. Some key points of this strategy have been discussed in the paragraphs below.

Pick the Platform

First of all, pick a nice E-commerce platform for yourself. We personally recommend you to go for PrestaShop due to its wonderful features however there are other options as well for you such as

  • Shopify
  • Woocommerce
  • Magento
  • Volusion

Designing of the website

You need to ensure that your website is well designed before you actually go for the migration of the data.  It is not easy to migrate between 2 platforms which are different.  While website designing it is better that you work with someone who is well versed with that particular platform.  Moreover seeking help from a professional is always good.

Data Preparation

After the successful designing of your website, you are well ready for the data migration.  There are web tools and partners available that can successfully migrate the data.  Remember that the data requirements of your new and old platform will be very different.  You should have a thorough understanding of all the requirements and cleanse the data properly beforehand.  This is surely a very important step hence you should give it a proper time.

Migration of the data

You should migrate the sample of your data first. If any kind of problems is identified then those can be altered.  Once the problems are done away with then you can go for the actual migration.  Your new site is ready for launching now.


It is better that you go for a platform which integrates well with your accounting systems.  Integrating the website with such systems assists in building processes which are multi-system in nature.  Integration plays a huge role as far as excellent customer experience is concerned.  It can enhance transparent order status, product content, and availability of real-time inventory.

What to do now?

Replatforming can turn out to be the best decision of your life. Do not let the fears overtake you.  Follow the strategies mentioned above and seek help from the Prestashop migration modules.

The best PrestaShop Instagram shopping slider

What is Shopping slider?

Also known as the PrestaShop Instagram Feed, the Instagram Shopping slider  is one of the most trusted modules, when it comes to Instagram. Through this module you can easily get the Instagram integrated within your website through a single click. The module assists you in showing Instagram photos on your webpage with multi animation effects, beautiful slider and several other advanced features.

The main offering of the module

The main offering of this module is that through this module you can get your Instagram pictures integrated with your website with ease. Shopping slider helps you in making your website more beautiful by Instagram photos. This ultimately results in more customers and subsequently sales

A Source of Customer Attraction

The main facility which this module offers to your customers lies in the fact that through PrestaShop Instagram Shopping slider your clients can easily search all your Instagram photos and images from your particular webpage

Key Features

  • There are a lot of options in Shopping slider that can actually help you in the quick display of an Instagram photo gallery block on your webpage. The gallery can be displayed on several positions. You can also get the gallery customized as per your wish.
  • The overall configuration is very easy. You simply need to enter the Instagram user id and reach token to make the application fully operational
  • The module provides you with the option through which you can select the number of photos to be displayed
  • The cache option is also very much there, the option actually reduces the loading time of Instagram pictures. The feature also keeps Instagram from blocking your website API. API can get blocked due to several API requests being executed at the same time
  • You can always get more photos uploaded through Ajax. Through this feature you can get all your Instagram pictures browsed from your webpage by merely clicking on the load more options icon.
  • Another feature which has made this module popular is PrestaShop Instagram Gallery popup slider. The feature helps you in the displaying of Instagram pictures which are large on a popup particularly when a client clicks on a photo thumbnail
  • The module provides you with the option to play Instagram photo gallery automatically
  • The likes pertaining to each photo can be easily displayed
  • The comments pertaining to each photo can be displayed
  • The photo zooming effect is professional and nice
  • The “Follow Us” link is also very much their
  • You can always custom the display name (Instagram)
  • The option of displaying the Instagram feed in custom parts of the website is also very much their

Updates and Support

  • For this product you actually achieve a 3 month support
  • Both feature and technical support can be enjoyed by you as a customer after 90 days of purchase. You can also access the updates pertaining to the product

Key Recommendations

  • Ensure that the product operates efficiently on your store for at least 12 months ( with option Zen)
  • Through option Zen you avail access to all kinds of updates related to the product for 1 year after the purchase. The support from the developer is accessible via email. The developer will answer all your queries from his email.

The Option Zen

The option Zen actually involves 2 different services. The first service is unlimited support (after sales) and the second service is access to updates related to the product. The good thing is that Option Zen is available on discount at the time of module purchase. You can always purchase this option later as well. Its validity is 1 year following the date of your purchase.  It is recommended that you should buy it as early as possible. The following things are part of Option Zen

  • Questions related to the utilization of theme/module
  • Solution to the technical issues pertaining to the theme/module
  • Access to all kinds of theme/module updates

Some of the things which are not the part and parcel of Option Zen are

  • Special and customization development
  • Updating and installation of the theme/module
  • Problem solutions pertaining to server, third part services and hosting

Make your Move

Do not waste time! rather quickly make the purchase of this fantastic module. It is not that expensive and you can surely purchase it with ease. The benefits related to this module are awesome and you will surely see the difference on your webpage once you utilize it.

The Business Benefits of E-commerce

E-commerce: The Basic Explanation

In simple words E-commerce refers to any business related activity which you do on the internet. It is a process of buying and selling done on the internet via a webpage. The word E-commerce is an abbreviation for Electronic Commerce. An E-commerce webpage is equipped with features that make product browsing easy for the customers.

Nowadays, we can choose a lot of E-commerce platforms to create a website, you can research PrestaShop, this is the best Open source platform. Prestashop Blog is the most common blogmodule for Prestashop

The trend of E-commerce is increasing very fast and today people prefer purchasing products online as opposed to a physical retail store. According to one statistic, around 60% of people in the developed countries do their shopping from the internet. The reason behind this high preference of online shopping is convenience.

Types of E-commerce

Though this is not directly related to our subject, however just for your information we have mentioned some common types of E-commerce in the points below

  • Business to Business
  • Business to Consumer
  • Consumer to Consumer
  • Consumer to Business
  • Business to Administration
  • Consumer to Administration

E-commerce and Business

If you are a business person then it is highly recommended that you should come up with your online presence. There are numerous benefits that E-commerce provides to a Business. To know about these benefits please refer to the headings below

1.      Complete Product Description

An Ecommerce site contains datasheets. All the important information related to the product characteristics and features are included in the datasheet.  The datasheet also contains the ratings that have been given by consumers who have previously used the product. This datasheet is provided to the consumer who is purchasing a product from an Ecommerce Platform.

Another document which is provided by online store to its customers is the product catalog. The catalog contains all the important information which a customer wants to know about a product which he wants to purchase. The catalog helps the customers in making informed decisions.

While purchasing a product from an E-commerce store a customer can also find relevant information about the product by clicking its description link. The point which we are trying to establish here is that customers can learn more about the products from an e-commerce platform as opposed to a physical retail store.

2.      Search Engines: Availability

The physical stores generate and retain customers by relationships and branding. An E-commerce platform develops customers by generating traffic via search engines, that reasons why you should be using a Responsive Web Design. There are billions of individuals all over the world who daily utilize the search engines for finding different products. An online store has a far better reach to consumers as compared to a physical store.

One of the researchers has revealed the fact that the majority of people only click the first link that comes on the first age of a search engine. Keeping this information into consideration it is highly recommended that businesses should make proper investments in their SEO.

3.      Lower Cost

For the management of inventory, a lot of cost gets incurred in a physical store. As opposed to this it is much easier and less costly to manage inventory in an E-commerce website. An online store delivers its owners with features and facilities that can be utilized for the automation of certain responsibilities.

In an E-commerce website there is a web based system through which you can get your inventory managed with ease. After getting automated, the system starts managing the inventory.

4.      Customer Behavior

Information is considered as a power in the business world. For business people the buying behaviors of their customers are very important. This extraction and monitoring of information is way too difficult in a physical store.

In Ecommerce, the website records all the activities of the person who actually visits it. The website records various important things such as the items that were inspected, the pages which the customer visited and finally the items which he or she purchased. The information helps the online business owner to come up with the right marketing strategy.

5.      High Competency

An E-commerce website neither gets slow nor does it get worn out. It continues selling services and goods 24-7. The reason behind this phenomenon is the computerization of the system. The system is highly accurate and effective.

The management of the inventory is done by the store on its own. Another key benefit of an online store is that the cost of launching it is very low. Hence it is a conducive, option for all the young entrepreneurs out there.

If you are looking to start your own business then consider going online!

PrestaShop VS Magento


Both PrestaShop and Magento are well-known E-commerce platforms. Both these softwares have a good market share and there are millions of people in the world who are actively using this software. Both these softwares have their, own specific advantages and disadvantages.

We are of the opinion that PrestaShop is much better then Magento and in the end of this article we will list down the reasons as well because of which we have come up with our opinion. However this does not mean at all that Magento is not good software. First we will briefly learn about these two softwares.


PrestaShop is an E-commerce platform which was developed in 2005 by a chunk of students belonging to France. More than 250,000 people are currently using PrestaShop in different parts of the world. The beauty of the software lies in its ready to use organization (open source) to business with no charge.

PrestaShop is home to the following features

  • Through PrestaShop you can study your Dashboard statistics. You can also track abandoned carts made by your customers using Prestashop abandoned cart module – Cart Reminder 1 in 1
  • Through this software you can exercise much better control pertaining to inventory
  • Customer information and activities get stored in PrestaShop. This means that you can have complete information pertaining to customer buying habits and behaviors
  • The transaction is simple and clear if you are operating your E-commerce site via PrestaShop
  • Live chat for Prestashop helps you exchange with your customers on real time easily


Just like PrestaShop, Magento is also an open source platform popular among E-commerce circles. The main offering of Magento is its shopping cart system. The software also provides better control, functionality and content to the merchants hence this also serves as its plus point. Magento also offers exceptional catalog management, marketing and search engine optimization tools.

Some famous features of Magento are as follows

  • Marketing automation becomes a reality in case of Magento
  • Magento is home to a reporting and analytics feature
  • The responsive design feature of Magento is very popular as it helps your website to adapt faster to the device of the user
  • Magento is home to an email marketing reminder feature. The feature surely helps in customer retention
  • Full page caching feature helps in the improvement of response time

PrestaShop is better than Magento

Uptill now we have tried to establish that both these softwares have their, own unique advantages. However there are some reasons because of which we are of the opinion that that it is preferable that you should select PrestaShop over Magento.

The key thing which makes PrestaShop better then Magento is its Administrative panel. PrestaShop’s admin panel allows you to add important entities such as carries, manufacturer and suppliers. You may be thinking that these things can be added via Magento as well, yes you are right however the adding process in Magento is much tougher than PrestaShop.

Some other reasons which make Admin Panel of PrestaShop better than Magento are:

  • The majority of them are Ajax which means less time consuming and processing
  • As compared to Magento, searching of any entities category and product attributes is way superior in interface. You can handle your eStore without the assistance of any software engineer via PrestaShop
  • PrestaShop’s Module structure is much better the Magento. The module arrangement of Magento is chaotic. You need to be a professional software engineer to hand such a module arrangement.
  • Prestahop form builder module allows user to easily create any kinds of contact form with custom fields to collect information about customers.
  • Magento’s Dashboard gives a 1970’s look; on the contrary the Dashboard of PrestaShop looks much advanced and by seeing it you actually visualize 2020.

Other reasons

Apart from Admin panel there are several other things as well which make PrestaShop an ideal choice for you

  • Despite of the fact that Magento was launched before PrestaShop however till today we do not know how many stores are actually operating with Magento CMS. On the other hand PrestaShop has officially stated that it has 230,000 stores under its belt. This surely proves that the preference of general masses is towards PrestaShop
  • Another issue with Magento is its Menu. The variation of links that can be added in the menu is much less in Magento as compared to PrestaShop. In case of PrestaShop, you have the liberty to add any link you wish into your Top Menu.
  • Despite of the fact that both PrestaShop and Magento are free and open source however without a demo the management of Magento store is impossible. On the contrary there is no such limitation in PrestaShop
  • Prestashop login with Facebook also enables customer a capacity of logging into your website with their Facebook or other social network accounts.
  • With PrestaShop, you can install, modify or create a responsive Web Design easily.

From a Programmers Eye

Now let’ see with an eye of a programmer. Must you have seen the structure of the extension directory of Magneto? If yes then you can surely give the reasons why it is spread over directories (Magneto)? In case you want to export it or get it copied, then for this, you need to search out each file form the Magento CMS.

In the advantages Of Prestashop, there is a different folder for each module/ modules under root/ PrestaShop’s installation directory. Whether you are an end-user or a developer, you can uninstall or install and take the necessary backup without much of a difficulty.

Problems Pertaining to URL

After the initial launching of the online store, the next big thing is SEO. The issue with Magento lies in the fact that it develops 4 URLs for each category and product which means that the risk of “duplicate content” is very high.

PrestaShop is highly compatible with SEO; in fact the software provides you with an amazing SEO and URL menu so that regular expression for particular entity is set-up.


These were some of the prime reasons because of which we believe that PrestaShop is a much better option as compared to Magento. You can make more research on the topic by consulting any professional programmer whom you trust.

Advantages Of Prestashop

Running an online business is not as simple as it seems, although things have become much more accessible taking care of an online business still requires some skill. One of the fundamental things that you require in order to run an online business is a website. This is because the presence and growth of your business depends directly on the success of the website. It is very important to make sure that the website that you build is a Responsive website and does everything that the user wants it to do.

There is good chance that you will be selling some sort of products on your website and for that you will need the help of e-commerce platforms. One of the best e-commerce platform on the market today is Prestashop and there are many advantages of using it. Some of the most helpful aspects of Prestashop are:

  • Downloadable Products
  • Related Products
  • More Options
  • Navigation And Management
  • Comparison

1.      Downloadable Products

If you are selling digital or downloadable products on your website then Prestashop is certainly the way to go. Prestashop allows the seller to manage the downloadable products in a much more efficient and productive manner. One of the best features of Prestashop in this regard is that it only allows the website to establish a downloadable link only when the transaction is successful. This is a safer way to go as you can save yourself from thieves.

By using Prestashop you can ensure that the customer can only get their desired product only after they have made the right payments. If the customer does not pay you for the product then there is no way for him to download it.

2.      Related Products

Prestashop is also very beneficial for selling all kinds of products on an online store. It helps a lot when you are trying to cross sell items. With Prestashop, you can make sure that the user can see all related products so that he can have the chance to choose between different products. Customers always like it when they have a little variety as it gives them a sense that they are in control of what they can do.

If your website shows the related products then it also better for business. This is because when a customer is not able to find the product of his choice then there is chance that the customer will choose one of the recommended products.

3.      More Options

With Prestashop you have a lot of customization options. If you are a person who likes to keep things organized and ordered, then Prestashop is just for you. With this e-commerce platform, you can easily divide all the different products into sub categories.

You can easily categorize the products according to size, type, attributes and preferences. With this kind of distribution of product it becomes easier to manage all the different kinds of products. Searching for the products becomes a smoother experience for the user as well.

4.      Navigation And Management

Prestashop navigation module (or mega menu) is one of the most important things in the eye of the customer when they land on your Prestashop online store. The customer expects to easily find any product that he is looking for. For this, it is important that you have a responsive web design which allows the user to search for the desired products seamlessly.

With the help of Prestashop you can easily divide the all the products into sub-categories. In this way it becomes easier for the customer to navigate through the different products. If you want to give your customers a seamless and smooth navigation experience then it is important to make sure that the inventory of your website is managed properly. Luckily, Prestashop features many management tools that can make your problems easier to solve.

5.      Comparison

Comparing multiple products also becomes very simple if you are using Prestashop. Giving the customer the option to compare the different options is a nice gesture and customers tend to appreciate it. With the help of Prestashop you can make sure that the customers have that kind of option.\

6.      Export orders

Export orders is a regular work you will do when it’s related to accounting issues. Export orders is supported by Prestashop by default, on the orders menu at backend, you will see an export button where you can export all orders you need in one click. If you have extra requirements for the export such as export the orders to xml, export the orders by date range…, you can install extra order export modules from the Prestashop Addons marketplace.

The Final Word

These were some of the most important advantages of Prestashop. With the help of Prestashop you can make sure that your customers get exactly what they want. By using Prestashop you can ensure that the customers get a fun and smooth user experience.

Reasons Why You Should Be Using A Responsive Web Design

Internet users are more common in the world now than they were ever before. This is mainly because of the rise in the users of mobile phones, tablets and other handheld devices. Since the rise of mobile phone users, web designers have begun to change the way they look at their websites. The main reason behind this is that now every website needs to be optimized for every device.

It would be a real shame if your website runs flawlessly on a computer and does not work as smoothly on a mobile phone or a tablet. This is the reason why it has become even more important to concentrate on a responsive web design when the website is still in its development stage.

The Reasons

There are many reasons why web designers nowadays must focus on a Responsive Web design. Some of those reasons are mentioned below. The reasons will be broken into five parts:

  • The First Reason
  • The Second Reason
  • The Third Reason
  • The Fourth Reason
  • The Fifth Reason

1.      The First Reason

According to statistics, there are a higher number of mobile phone users than computer or laptop users. This means that if your website is able to run smoothly on cellular devices then it will be able to generate a lot more web traffic. There was a time when designers would make two different websites so that one can run smoothly on computers whereas the second website would run on mobile devices.

Many people still take this approach but one thing to keep in mind is that this approach has more negative aspects than positive ones. For one, having two different websites for different devices splits the web traffic between the websites. This effects the statistics of your website and your website will not be able to get a better ranking on the search engine.

A better approach is that the designer should make just one highly responsive website which can run responsively on all devices. In this way you will be able to retain your users.

2.      The Second Reason

Websites require a lot of time and resource in order to keep them updated. So, if you have two websites for the different platforms then you will be spending twice the time and money on its maintenance. Having two websites will prove to be very costly and that is not something on which you should waste your valuable resources.

If you have just one well designed and responsive website then you can just skip all of these problems. A responsive website is much more cost effective and time efficient as you will not be spending a lot of time on its maintenance. Even when you need to update the site then you will have to do it only once and that will be the end of it.

The time that you will be saving while working with just one responsive web site can be utilized in other areas of your business. In this way you will be able to give your business the time that it deserves and do wonders with your time.

3.      The Third Reason

One of the greatest benefits that is associated with responsive web design is that it certainly provides a seamless user experience. We can all agree on the fact that mobile phones and tablets are not as powerful as a laptop or a computer. What this means is that the device you are using can affect the way you surf the internet.

Having a responsive website eliminates this problem, this is because when building a responsive website the designer needs to keep the lower end devices in mind. In this way, if your website is able to run smoothly on a lower end device then it will certainly run flawlessly on a higher end one.

When a user logs in to a website he wishes to be greeted with nothing but the best and if your website is not able to do that then that user won’t stay for long. A responsive website is everything that you need if you want your business to grow and excel.

4.      The Fourth Reason

Mobile phones, tablets and computers have very different screen sizes. With an unresponsive website, variable screen sizes are a problem because they will show more on a larger display and less on a smaller display. In some case, unresponsive websites even jumble up the text and cut off certain areas of the web page. This does not provide a pleasing user experience.

A responsive website can help you with this kind of problem. Such a website can easily adapt with the varying screen sizes and show the same amount of information all display sizes. This is very helpful because it gives a uniform user experience across all devices.

5.      The Fifth Reason

At the end of the day, the ranking of your website is what matters most. The ranking of your website says a lot about your business and if it is not ranked higher on the Search Engine Result Page then attracting web traffic can become a difficult task.

Having a responsive website can promise a better ranking of the Search Engine Result Page. The user experience and quality content that a responsive website contains is exactly what a search engine needs in order to increase the ranking of a particular website. Responsive websites can be rank higher with the same SEO modules installed as non-responsive ones because today more than 10% people have been using mobile phones to browse websites that make all search engines consider mobile optimized websites as good websites for SEO.


These were the top 5 reasons why everyone should go for a responsive web design. Building a responsive website can take a longer period of time but it certainly pays off. This is because such a web design does a lot of the work for you and can save you a lot of money and time.