PrestaShop VS Magento


Both PrestaShop and Magento are well-known E-commerce platforms. Both these softwares have a good market share and there are millions of people in the world who are actively using this software. Both these softwares have their, own specific advantages and disadvantages.

We are of the opinion that PrestaShop is much better then Magento and in the end of this article we will list down the reasons as well because of which we have come up with our opinion. However this does not mean at all that Magento is not good software. First we will briefly learn about these two softwares.


PrestaShop is an E-commerce platform which was developed in 2005 by a chunk of students belonging to France. More than 250,000 people are currently using PrestaShop in different parts of the world. The beauty of the software lies in its ready to use organization (open source) to business with no charge.

PrestaShop is home to the following features

  • Through PrestaShop you can study your Dashboard statistics. You can also track abandoned carts made by your customers using Prestashop abandoned cart module – Cart Reminder 1 in 1
  • Through this software you can exercise much better control pertaining to inventory
  • Customer information and activities get stored in PrestaShop. This means that you can have complete information pertaining to customer buying habits and behaviors
  • The transaction is simple and clear if you are operating your E-commerce site via PrestaShop
  • Live chat for Prestashop helps you exchange with your customers on real time easily


Just like PrestaShop, Magento is also an open source platform popular among E-commerce circles. The main offering of Magento is its shopping cart system. The software also provides better control, functionality and content to the merchants hence this also serves as its plus point. Magento also offers exceptional catalog management, marketing and search engine optimization tools.

Some famous features of Magento are as follows

  • Marketing automation becomes a reality in case of Magento
  • Magento is home to a reporting and analytics feature
  • The responsive design feature of Magento is very popular as it helps your website to adapt faster to the device of the user
  • Magento is home to an email marketing reminder feature. The feature surely helps in customer retention
  • Full page caching feature helps in the improvement of response time

PrestaShop is better than Magento

Uptill now we have tried to establish that both these softwares have their, own unique advantages. However there are some reasons because of which we are of the opinion that that it is preferable that you should select PrestaShop over Magento.

The key thing which makes PrestaShop better then Magento is its Administrative panel. PrestaShop’s admin panel allows you to add important entities such as carries, manufacturer and suppliers. You may be thinking that these things can be added via Magento as well, yes you are right however the adding process in Magento is much tougher than PrestaShop.

Some other reasons which make Admin Panel of PrestaShop better than Magento are:

  • The majority of them are Ajax which means less time consuming and processing
  • As compared to Magento, searching of any entities category and product attributes is way superior in interface. You can handle your eStore without the assistance of any software engineer via PrestaShop
  • PrestaShop’s Module structure is much better the Magento. The module arrangement of Magento is chaotic. You need to be a professional software engineer to hand such a module arrangement.
  • Prestahop form builder module allows user to easily create any kinds of contact form with custom fields to collect information about customers.
  • Magento’s Dashboard gives a 1970’s look; on the contrary the Dashboard of PrestaShop looks much advanced and by seeing it you actually visualize 2020.

Other reasons

Apart from Admin panel there are several other things as well which make PrestaShop an ideal choice for you

  • Despite of the fact that Magento was launched before PrestaShop however till today we do not know how many stores are actually operating with Magento CMS. On the other hand PrestaShop has officially stated that it has 230,000 stores under its belt. This surely proves that the preference of general masses is towards PrestaShop
  • Another issue with Magento is its Menu. The variation of links that can be added in the menu is much less in Magento as compared to PrestaShop. In case of PrestaShop, you have the liberty to add any link you wish into your Top Menu.
  • Despite of the fact that both PrestaShop and Magento are free and open source however without a demo the management of Magento store is impossible. On the contrary there is no such limitation in PrestaShop
  • Prestashop login with Facebook also enables customer a capacity of logging into your website with their Facebook or other social network accounts.
  • With PrestaShop, you can install, modify or create a responsive Web Design easily.

From a Programmers Eye

Now let’ see with an eye of a programmer. Must you have seen the structure of the extension directory of Magneto? If yes then you can surely give the reasons why it is spread over directories (Magneto)? In case you want to export it or get it copied, then for this, you need to search out each file form the Magento CMS.

In the advantages Of Prestashop, there is a different folder for each module/ modules under root/ PrestaShop’s installation directory. Whether you are an end-user or a developer, you can uninstall or install and take the necessary backup without much of a difficulty.

Problems Pertaining to URL

After the initial launching of the online store, the next big thing is SEO. The issue with Magento lies in the fact that it develops 4 URLs for each category and product which means that the risk of “duplicate content” is very high.

PrestaShop is highly compatible with SEO; in fact the software provides you with an amazing SEO and URL menu so that regular expression for particular entity is set-up.


These were some of the prime reasons because of which we believe that PrestaShop is a much better option as compared to Magento. You can make more research on the topic by consulting any professional programmer whom you trust.

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