The best PrestaShop Instagram shopping slider

What is Shopping slider?

Also known as the PrestaShop Instagram Feed, the Instagram Shopping slider  is one of the most trusted modules, when it comes to Instagram. Through this module you can easily get the Instagram integrated within your website through a single click. The module assists you in showing Instagram photos on your webpage with multi animation effects, beautiful slider and several other advanced features.

The main offering of the module

The main offering of this module is that through this module you can get your Instagram pictures integrated with your website with ease. Shopping slider helps you in making your website more beautiful by Instagram photos. This ultimately results in more customers and subsequently sales

A Source of Customer Attraction

The main facility which this module offers to your customers lies in the fact that through PrestaShop Instagram Shopping slider your clients can easily search all your Instagram photos and images from your particular webpage

Key Features

  • There are a lot of options in Shopping slider that can actually help you in the quick display of an Instagram photo gallery block on your webpage. The gallery can be displayed on several positions. You can also get the gallery customized as per your wish.
  • The overall configuration is very easy. You simply need to enter the Instagram user id and reach token to make the application fully operational
  • The module provides you with the option through which you can select the number of photos to be displayed
  • The cache option is also very much there, the option actually reduces the loading time of Instagram pictures. The feature also keeps Instagram from blocking your website API. API can get blocked due to several API requests being executed at the same time
  • You can always get more photos uploaded through Ajax. Through this feature you can get all your Instagram pictures browsed from your webpage by merely clicking on the load more options icon.
  • Another feature which has made this module popular is PrestaShop Instagram Gallery popup slider. The feature helps you in the displaying of Instagram pictures which are large on a popup particularly when a client clicks on a photo thumbnail
  • The module provides you with the option to play Instagram photo gallery automatically
  • The likes pertaining to each photo can be easily displayed
  • The comments pertaining to each photo can be displayed
  • The photo zooming effect is professional and nice
  • The “Follow Us” link is also very much their
  • You can always custom the display name (Instagram)
  • The option of displaying the Instagram feed in custom parts of the website is also very much their

Updates and Support

  • For this product you actually achieve a 3 month support
  • Both feature and technical support can be enjoyed by you as a customer after 90 days of purchase. You can also access the updates pertaining to the product

Key Recommendations

  • Ensure that the product operates efficiently on your store for at least 12 months ( with option Zen)
  • Through option Zen you avail access to all kinds of updates related to the product for 1 year after the purchase. The support from the developer is accessible via email. The developer will answer all your queries from his email.

The Option Zen

The option Zen actually involves 2 different services. The first service is unlimited support (after sales) and the second service is access to updates related to the product. The good thing is that Option Zen is available on discount at the time of module purchase. You can always purchase this option later as well. Its validity is 1 year following the date of your purchase.  It is recommended that you should buy it as early as possible. The following things are part of Option Zen

  • Questions related to the utilization of theme/module
  • Solution to the technical issues pertaining to the theme/module
  • Access to all kinds of theme/module updates

Some of the things which are not the part and parcel of Option Zen are

  • Special and customization development
  • Updating and installation of the theme/module
  • Problem solutions pertaining to server, third part services and hosting

Make your Move

Do not waste time! rather quickly make the purchase of this fantastic module. It is not that expensive and you can surely purchase it with ease. The benefits related to this module are awesome and you will surely see the difference on your webpage once you utilize it.